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Storage Services

End-to-end storage analysis, design and support services that modernise, migrate and protect your data storage by replacing legacy systems with cohesive storage solutions. Many of the business functions now depend on data. When you are unable to store and backup this data effectively, you reduce the functioning of many of the business operations. Our storage services can help you reduce the complexity of data storage, modernize the infrastructure of storage, and optimize the existing systems. This implementation increases performance, reduces costs, decreases time lag, and even allows you to scale as and when required.

Data Migration

Migration to a new structure or environment such as cloud can be hectic. The unplanned outages, downtime, increased costs, and project drift everything can cause you a lot of stress, resources, and money. We plan, strategize, and implement to achieve a data storage system that is robust, reliant, consistent, and secure.

Data Backup

We implement a backup system to ensure that you don’t lose any of your data. Everything is backed up from time-to-time to secure your essential business information in case of a system glitch. This backup is responsive, which means you can retrieve it quickly and it is securely stored to prevent data breaches and bottlenecks.

Data Monitoring

It is imperative to monitor data for fast retrieval and alert responses. Our team achieves just that. Your backup and storage are monitored constantly to judge the loopholes or suspicious activities as soon as they arrive. This helps us keep the issues at bay and give you rapid, secure, and consistent data access at all times.

  • Instant message/chat
  • Presence Technology (makes it possible to locate and identify a computing device)
  • Audio, web, and video conferencing
  • Voice/VoIP technology
  • Team collaboration features (e.g. screen sharing)
  • Business email
  • Call recording
  • Centralized management
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